Nederland kom in actie! Stakeholders’ meeting in The Hague 25 April

In connection with the meeting of the Dutch Parliament’s Culture Committee meeting on the 26th of April and in order to influence Dutch politicians to take a more positive and nuanced stand on the next EU Culture Programme Creative Europe, the campaign’s strategic partner the European Cultural Foundation, Kunsten ’92 and MEDIA Desk Nederland have taken the initiative to organize a stakeholders’ meeting on the 25th of April.

The goal is to inform the Dutch Parliament about the opportunities within the proposed Programme and to influence the very negative position of the Dutch Cabinet towards the small (yet significant in percentage-terms) proposed budget increase and the financial guarantee fund of the new Programme. During the meeting, strong voices from the cultural, audiovisual and financial field will speak in support of the Programme including Charles Esche (Director, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven), Claudia Lansberger (Head of International affairs at the EYE Institute) and Eric Holterhues (Triodos Bank). Representatives from the European Commission and the European Parliament will also be present to share their views on the programme.

The stakeholders’ meeting will take place at the Huis van Europa in The Hague at 16-17.30. Participation is upon invitation only. To find out more, please visit the European Cultural Foundation’s website or write to their Policy Officer Marjolein Cremer.   

we are more in the Netherlands is endorsed by a strong network including: Kunsten ‘92, Nederlandse Museumvereniging, Nederlandse Associatie voor de Podiumskunsten, Kosmopolis, Vrede van Utrecht, Cultuur-Ondernemen, Mediamatic, Buma Cultuur, Holland Festival, European Alternatives and many others.

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